Specialty Paints
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Primer Coatings

These sag-free primers provide maximum rust and chemical protection.

High Solids Industrial Coatings Paint

These paints are high solids, low solvent, lead-free, maximum quality and performance …

Athletic Field Marking Paint

These efficient, inverted tip, water based spray paints produce sharp, durable, stripes …

Heat Resistant, High Temperature Paints

These spray paints withstand continuous temperatures up to 1200°F (649°C).

Rust Exterminator

A one step rust converter and corrosion neutralizing spray which chemically neutralizes …

Traffic Line Marking Machine

An easy to use, durable four wheeled machine that applies crisp, even …

Anti-slip textured epoxy coating

A hard, texturized, one-part epoxy coating that quickly cures to a slip …

Cold-Zinc Galvanize

A high solids Zinc rich coating that forms an electrolytic bond on …

Vandalism & Graffiti Remover

A thick powerful gel that provides extended contact time by clinging to …

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